Special Opportunity:

Mental Health and Sport Awareness Training for nebraska State Soccer Member Clubs!
ACT! Training

Interest Form

Fill out the form below to indicate your interest in bringing ACT! Training to your team or club.

The U.S. Center for Mental Health & Sport will be in Nebraska
April 4 - 8.

As Nebraska State Soccer believes this training is incredibly important, the training is generously being provided to member clubs


The training is intended for coaches, parents, administrators, officials, and anyone else in your sports community. Athletes ages 16 and older are also welcome to take part.  Each session takes 2 hours and accommodates up to 40 participants.

The USC-MHS will be in contact with you shortly after you submit the training interest form to schedule the training.

Please email admin@mentalhealthandsport.org with any questions.


for making this opportunity available to the Nebraska State Soccer community!

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"It is OK not to be OK." 

EVERYONE has mental health. We should never be ashamed to START THE CONVERSATION. Let's end the STIGMA in sport environments. At the U.S. Center for Mental Health & Sport, we are continually looking for more ways to support individuals' mental health regardless of where they currently fall on the mental health continuum. MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS!

Official Mental Health & Wellness Partner of:

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