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FREE Webinar Sponsored by WCC: ACT! to Support WCC Athlete Mental Health

February 12 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am PST

Learn factors in sport that protect athletes from and put them at greater risk for experiencing mental health challenges and how to support.

This interactive and engaging webinar will be the first half of the U.S. Center for Mental Health & Sport's ACT! Mental Health Awareness Certification. The objectives of the USC-MHS ACT! Certification are much like those of a first aid course. We will teach participants the signs and symptoms of a mental health challenge and/or crisis, how to de-escalate a situation to avoid harm to oneself or others, and what pathways are available for additional professional support. The course also focuses on those factors about intercollegiate sport participation that can protect individuals from experiencing mental health challenges and those factors that can put them at greater risk. Our training always includes national and local community resources that can be utilized for additional mental health support.

The course agenda is based on the acronym ACT!, encouraging anyone who is concerned about their own mental health or that of someone else to act in support. First, we will grow AWARENESS of the importance of mental health in sport along with the prevalence of challenges, next we will provide information on signs and symptoms to be aware of regarding the most common mental health CHALLENGES experienced in intercollegiate athletics (depression, anxiety, and suicidality), and finally, options will be provided on how to TAKE ACTION if you are concerned about yourself or someone else, including any WCC athlete.

Athletics coaches, staff, and administrators from WCC institutions are welcome to attend.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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"I say put mental health first." 

EVERYONE has mental health. We should never be ashamed to START THE CONVERSATION. Let's end the STIGMA in sport environments. At the U.S. Center for Mental Health & Sport, we are continually looking for more ways to support individuals' mental health regardless of where they currently fall on the mental health continuum. MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS!

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