Counselors and Mental Health Services Providers


Seeking Mental Health Providers:
USC-MHS Mental Health Services Provider Registry

The USC-MHS is taking applications for counselors and mental health service providers to be included in the USC-MHS Registry of Mental Health and Sport Providers. The registry will include recommended mental health care providers who also have background experience in sport. If you are interested, please use the links below to learn more about our requirements for inclusion in the registry and to fill out the application form.

"I say put mental health first." 

EVERYONE has mental health. We should never be ashamed to START THE CONVERSATION. Let's end the STIGMA in sport environments. At the U.S. Center for Mental Health & Sport, we are continually looking for more ways to support individuals' mental health regardless of where they currently fall on the mental health continuum. MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS!

Official Mental Health & Wellness Partner of:

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